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Deburring, honing and polishing - everything from a single source. René Gerber AG makes it possible.

Brush-honing of ultra-hard materials is a technique Gerber has incorporated in its machines for decades. These products are constantly optimized and improved. The leading products for deburring, honing and polishing are used by customers worldwide.
Gerber machines allow you to machine workpieces out of hard materials such as CBN, PKD, sapphire, ruby, ceramic, hard materials and steel, but also aluminum, brass and plastics. Specially development machines allow you to machine the circumference of rotary tools and swiveling tools.

Deburring of turning, milling, grinding, punching, water jet and laser pieces.

Defined rounding of inserts, turning, milling, grinding, punching, water jet and laser cutting pieces.

Face polishing and finishing of hard to ultra-hard materials.

Clamping tasks for cylindrical- and precision grinding, precision truning and milling, balancing, measurement control.

To simplify work processes in amazingly simple ways with the Gerber-thickness grading apparatus.

The tool of the GERBER-Brush-Polishing machines is a brush – the heart of the sytem and thus the decisive factor for a successful brushing process.