BP-Smart, the universal brushing and polishing system

All around consistent deburring, radiusing of the contour and simultaneous polishing of the surface

The BP-Smart is an universal brush polishing machine for the removal of sharp burrs and the precisely defined application of radii or contours to edges up to a part size of nominally Ø 260 mm. It simultaneously polishes the surface and reproduces determined results with constant accuracy. The machine is characterized by its universality and versatility and is particularly suitable for machining precision parts such as drill tips, deburring parts, stamping-, fineblanking- and coin punches as well as for targeted rounding of cutting edges on indexable inserts. With all these workpieces, the BP-Smart fulfills a high surface quality and a top precision of the edge honing.

Maximum productivity
  • Simple machine operation with defined machining cycle
  • High flexibility due to short changeover times
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Option for larger workpieces with brush Ø 380 mm and magnetic table Ø 300 mm
  • Option for automatic brush measurement and integrated control to store up to 99 programs
Main areas
  • The machine offers the workpiece-specific option for every task
  • Thanks to the height-adjustable brush head, the machine is versatile for a wide range of part sizes
  • The oscillating polishing table offers optimum part processing for constant edge processing
  • The machine is available as a tabletop model or floor model with tub or fully enclosed, with the matching drawer cabinet available as an option.
  • Optionally with a swivel spindle for honing special tools and polishing spherical segments
  • Reproducible edge processing for an «exact radius», «trumpet shape» or «waterfall»
  • Working with brushes with abrasive interspersed bristles or with natural bristles and polishing paste for the optimum result
Labelling of the plant
  • Constant and reproducible machining results
  • Highest flexibility for processing a wide variety of workpieces
  • Very robust design with very simple operation
  • Protected work area for a clean environment
  • Easily accessible and easy to clean
  • Robust table with strong gear motor and solid guidance for the oscillating table
Typical applications