Maybe you don’t have the space or it simply doesn’t make sense for you to invest in a brush de-burring or face polishing machine. If that is the case, our SurfaceExpertCentre is just the solution you need.

We deburr, hone and polish high quality workpieces so you don’t have to. From individual parts to large volumes, we machine any number of parts with complete precision and maximum efficiency.

It is now more important than ever to focus on quality requirements, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in order to keep up with market trends and international competition. Optimising Finishing Outsourcing is our motto.

With our comprehensive range of modern machines and over 60 years of experience in deburring, rounding edges and polishing, René Gerber AG is your reliable specialist when it comes to outsourcing professional services.

We always find a smart way to save on your resources and money at the same time. And what do you get? The best results of professionals, creating the perfect surface for your workpieces.

Let us advise you on how you can make the most efficient use of our services.


Download brochure SurfaceExpertCentre (PDF)

From geometrically flat workpieces as milled parts, stamping and cutting parts, sintered parts, lapping and flat honing parts to miniature parts and gears, all in a wide variety of materials such as steel, sintered material, carbide and ceramic
Component up to  Ø mm 250
Component size mm 2 - 150
Radii / Deburred mm 0.05-...

From geometrically flat workpieces as indexable inserts, drill bits made from carbide, front sides from mills, punches and dies, screw heads, miniature parts and pump gears to watch and technical jewels in a wide variety of materials such as carbide, CBN, PCD and diamond cutting tools, sapphire glass, ruby and ceramic
Thickness mm from 0.2 - 110
Diameter mm from 1 - 220
Evenness µm < 1
Parallelism µm < 2
Roughness µm to Ra 0.2

Workpieces as indexable inserts, screw heads, watch components, watch and technical jewels, coining dies and clock dials in a wide variety of materials from sapphire, ruby, carbide, ceramic, CBN, PCD to diamonds
Thickness mm from 0.1 - 50
Diameter mm from 1 - 120
Evenness µm < 5
Parallelism µm < 10
Roughness µm to Ra 0.02