CompactPolish, the compact face polishing machine

Polish to a certain thickness and finest polishes for highest flatness and mirror-like surfaces

The face polishing machines of the types CompactPolish produce ultra-fine polishes. The finest surface qualities and very high flatness are achieved on the workpieces when custom polishing to the specified thickness. They are used in the processing of parts in «haute horlogerie», medical technology and industry and a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, brass, ceramics, tungsten carbide, titanium, plastics and composite materials.

Maximum productivity
  • Compact construction
  • Simple operation
  • You receive machine and process: pre-polishing, main polishing and post-polishing
  • The PLC control allows complex machining cycles with variable polishing forces, table speeds and rinsing sequences
  • Wet and "dry" polishing modes possible
  • No post-processing operations
  • Fast polishing wheel change
  • High economic efficiency
  • Best performance / invest ratio
  • Mechanical or chemical process
  • Integrated process control; pre polishing, polishing, shining, cleaning
  • Fully integrated control head with 99 programs
  • Optional Table cooling system
Main areas
  • can produce ultra-fine polishes
  • are used to produce the finest surfaces
  • are used for dimensional polishing to thickness
  • stand for high evenness
The CompactPolish is the practical polishing machine in the smallest space for highest surface qualities. Its main applications are in the watchmaking and precision mechanics supply industries.
Labelling of the plant
  • Highest process accuracy
  • Maximum output on minimal space
  • Full enclosure for clean process
Typical applications